Warehouse Design: Dock Doors For Drop Trailers

Warehouse design for outbound flow and dock doors is meant for peak warehouse efficiency. But when you’re operating, things can be different. You’ve checked the picking rates. You’ve calculated staging areas and staffing. Yet when you’re running operations, disaster strikes! You can’t get enough loads into trailers and are constantly building inventory in your shipping … Read more

Improving Picking Efficiency With Quality

So you’re serious about improving picking efficiency in your building. You know that picking accounts for around 55% of labor in most operations. Travel time is most of picking labor Of that 55% we see the following distribution of activity: It’s obvious from the table that since travel takes the most time, improvement efforts should … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics – Packing & Shipping

After the warehouse picks the order, it has to pack and ship the order. These are the rest of the “outbound processes” and are typically where the operation ‘rings the register’ as it sends inventory to a customer. Let’s explore further. Automation Many of the steps in the processes of packing and shipping can be … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics – Putaway

The warehouse basic process of Putaway is after receiving and before picking. This is also called stowing and may be known by other terminology as well. But the idea remains the same: put inventory into the warehouse. Description The warehouse needs to put all that received inventory somewhere. The process to accomplish this is putaway … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics – Receiving

Receiving is the first process in the warehouse’s four walls. It is the sequence of steps to unload inventory, inspect it, transfer it systematically to the warehouse, and stage it for putaway. Process Steps Receiving starts when a truck is docked at a door. Employees then open the truck and unload the freight. The receivers … Read more