Top 10 Warehouse Quality Tips

Having great quality in your warehouse operations makes everything run more smoothly. Records are correct, orders are in full, shorts and damages are minimal… it’s a dream. On the other hand, having poor quality means that your team is always fixing problems, searching for inventory, and firefighting daily. Nobody wants that. It’s stressful and creates … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics – Receiving

Receiving is the first process in the warehouse’s four walls. It is the sequence of steps to unload inventory, inspect it, transfer it systematically to the warehouse, and stage it for putaway. Process Steps Receiving starts when a truck is docked at a door. Employees then open the truck and unload the freight. The receivers … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics

Understanding warehouse process basics is critical to understanding where to improve operations. Here is an overview of the basic processes that occur in a warehouse and how they relate. First, let’s define a process. A process is a finite sequence of steps that have a definite result. Now let’s think about a warehouse or distribution … Read more