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PL Programs is a project management and engineering firm focused on distribution, fulfillment, and warehousing operations. 

We help supply chain teams with site design, project execution, automation, and operations improvement. 

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Project management


Our approach

We partner and integrate with your team to ensure project success. This means we work to understand your business, your people, and your needs. We apply the PMI standard for project management along with a tailored approach to your team’s needs. We:
  • Provide clarity for team and stakeholders on key schedule, scope, cost, and resource planning.
  • Align the team through the project
  • Provide detailed planning and follow-through 
  • Manage project risk and uncertainty
  • Ensure engaged, responsive communications
  • Deliver competitive procurements and cost certainty


Design Done Right

If you’re starting a site, running an operation, or adding automation, you want to be confident that your design is done right the first time. 

We provide engineering services for warehouse design, automation integration, and operational improvements.

We partner with you to understand your business and complete analysis of your requirements. We collaborate with expert design input to meet your needs for process design, site layouts, and technology selection. 

Our approach is quantitative, detailed, and grounded in Lean principles. Our team has 20+ years of experience in facility design and operations management to deliver a solution that meets real-world needs.


Types of Projects

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Examples of what we do

  • New site implementations from business case through stabilization
  • Site and process design, equipment procurement, and installation management
  • Industrial engineering reviews of labor plans, site designs, and process capacities
  • Conveyor systems and sortation design and implementation 
  • Package-handling and material handling engineering
  • ASRS design, procurement, and installation
  • Robotics and LGV / AGV implementations
  • Pick module design and implementation
  • Program management for operations projects
  • Project Management capability development and coaching

Why PL Programs

We’re into warehousing. We love clean processes, good design, expert execution, and efficient and painless operations. And we love making those things happen for you.

Warehousing can be messy, with a lot of change and uncertainty. We want to understand your business and make sure your operation works in real life. 

We’re thorough, fast, and don’t hit you with nickle-and-dime changes. Your experience is important.

Our project management approach is a highly tailored, responsive experience for you and your team. You get clarity throughout all aspects of the project, because no one likes surprises. Our design is top-notch, coming from years of experience of solution development and implementation. 

Project Successes

Leading Beverage Company
A leading beverage company engaged PL Programs for project management of their first North American distribution center. Facility was a greenfield automated site over 770k sf in size. PL Programs organized the work among a wide group of stakeholders, completed planning, managed governance processes, and added value through operational insights during design and implementation. The site went live on the planned schedule and on budget. The client has engaged PL Programs for its next site implementation.
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Contract Packaging Company
A contract packaging company engaged PL Programs to design a site implementation project management approach for an in-progress project. PL Programs laid out a comprehensive method for implementing new client sites, including functional strategies, governance, and planning methods, in documented standard operating procedures. The project went live according to plan and client was able to use the methods in other projects.
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Beverage Manufacturer
A beverage manufacturer engaged PL Programs to manage the onboarding of multiple sub-co-packers to increase capacity in a short time. This included quality, operations, IT, manufacturing technology, and other workstreams from the subcontractors and client company. The sub-copackers were onboarded and producing in the agreed timeframes. Client company had transparency and the right input through the process. PL Programs was subsequently re-engaged for similar and other projects.
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Factory and Warehouse Automation
A beverage manufacturer and distribution company engaged PL Programs to manage the design and implementation of conveyance through their facility. This conveyance will tie new production lines into existing distribution conveyance and includes multiple elevators and over 900' of mezzanine and pallet conveyor. The project is on track for delivery as planned.
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Automated Warehouse Storage - ASRS
A leading beverage manufacturer/distributor engaged PL Programs to manage the design and procurement of a pallet ASRS for storage. PL Programs is managing all workstreams, including design, procurement, vendor communication, aligning design, and enabling the client decision. The project is on track for delivery as planned.
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I can’t imagine what this project would be like without Paul” is a phrase often heard at [client]. Paul’s success in managing the complexity of large (>$100M) projects is a function if his world class organizational and facilitation skills, his ability to work broad groups of stakeholders, and a functional depth in logistics/operations he has amassed over years of digging into tough problems.”

Jerry Joye, SVP Operations

“I worked with Paul and his team on some ramp-ups for beverage sub-co-packing facilities for one of our customers. Together we handled all the project management tasks for these integrations and start-ups. Working with Paul and his team is absolutely amazing, as they are always on top of everything and make sure that meetings are fun to attend and not a burden. Working with them in a team is just a breath of fresh air and Paul’s knowledge on diverse topics is really impressive. The qualities I appreciated the most from them were that they’re 100% reliable and you can always trust that what they say that they’ll do – they will go above and beyond to make sure that it is taken care of in the best way possible.”

Alexandra Lins, Project Manager

“Everything that we did to ensure a successful startup worked beautifully… By all accounts, by far the best startup [Client] has ever done… Our processes are working.”

Randy B, Director of Operations

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