Calculate Headcount with Quality

Most warehouse professionals understand how to calculate required labor hours but few do it while taking quality rates into account. Let’s look at an example. Picking Labor Example A typical calculation for required headcount for picking looks at the direct picker rates against the volume, then lays on an indirect labor percentage and an absenteeism … Read more

Warehouse Efficiency Standards And Turnover Effects

One standard practice to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity is to use performance standards for non-exempt employees. Performance standards management will help ensure that the employees are productive. But you can’t just “turn the knob to 11.” The standards have to be reasonable and attainable. This implies a trade-off: higher standards mean more turnover, which … Read more

Improving Picking Efficiency With Quality

So you’re serious about improving picking efficiency in your building. You know that picking accounts for around 55% of labor in most operations. Travel time is most of picking labor Of that 55% we see the following distribution of activity: It’s obvious from the table that since travel takes the most time, improvement efforts should … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics – Packing & Shipping

After the warehouse picks the order, it has to pack and ship the order. These are the rest of the “outbound processes” and are typically where the operation ‘rings the register’ as it sends inventory to a customer. Let’s explore further. Automation Many of the steps in the processes of packing and shipping can be … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics – Picking

Let’s talk about the basic process of warehouse picking. Picking is the selection of items that are in storage so that they can be prepared for shipment. Here is an overview of this fundamental process. Another great reference by Ed Frazelle for an overview of warehousing processes and analysis is here. But today we’re just … Read more