Case Study: Automated Beverage Warehouse

Here’s a project typical of what PL Programs works with and is well-positioned to help deliver. The Need A leading beverage company was planning on starting its first North American distribution site, in their words conducting “open heart surgery” on the supply chain. Previous distribution through the US was done through third-party logistics providers. As … Read more

Warehouse Project Risk Spotlight: Hiring

Welcome! Let’s talk about managing project risk. Today we’re going to review a specific warehouse start-up task that is difficult to get right: hiring. Key hires have critical input to design, startup activities, and hiring & training. But hiring is almost always later than planned. So this piece of work introduces often-under-appreciated risk in start-up … Read more

Warehouse Process Basics

Understanding warehouse process basics is critical to understanding where to improve operations. Here is an overview of the basic processes that occur in a warehouse and how they relate. First, let’s define a process. A process is a finite sequence of steps that have a definite result. Now let’s think about a warehouse or distribution … Read more

Warehouse Startup Resources

If you’re doing a warehouse startup, you need the right team on board. Companies may decide to start a new warehouse without knowing who’s actually going to do it. You need specific resources and expertise to make sure it goes smoothly, even if the company has done it before. Here are a list of the … Read more