Starting a Warehouse

Starting a warehouse takes a lot of work. A warehouse startup, or warehouse implementation, is the process of organizing and launching a new warehouse, distribution center, fulfillment center, or whatever the organization calls it. This means developing the processes, finding the site, hiring the people, equipping the operation, and enabling the new organization to receive and ship goods.

Doing a new startup usually means the business is growing and has decided to expand its ability to distribute goods. But, unless the company is Amazon or Wal-Mart or GXO and starting up many warehouses each year, many organizations aren’t set up to do the start-up.

This means that many organizations putting up their first, second, or even fifth or tenth warehouse don’t have the in-house staffing and know-how to do it.

What’s involved?

To get a warehouse startup right, you need to get the resourcing, scope, schedule, and cost right. But there are some warehousing-and-distribution twists. If you want your startup to go smoothly, you need to plan for them. Understanding the following topics is critical to successfully navigating the startup.

Develop the Business Case, Assumptions, and Charter

Organizing the implementation

Resourcing the implementation

Planning and scheduling

Communicating and keeping things clear

Risk Management

Change Control

Financial Management

Getting Through Design


IT Systems for Operators

Construction Highlights

Storage and Racking

Ramp Plan and Stabilizing

Organizational Strategy and Hiring

On-Site Activities

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