Warehouse Startup Resources

If you’re doing a warehouse startup, you need the right team on board. Companies may decide to start a new warehouse without knowing who’s actually going to do it. You need specific resources and expertise to make sure it goes smoothly, even if the company has done it before. Here are a list of the top few people you need to have onboard to start a warehouse:

  1. Operations lead. Usually this is the person who will run the site when it goes live. The Operations Lead will make process and design decisions, hire the team, and generally direct the operation as it starts up.
  2. IT Lead. Who is the systems subject matter expert? Someone who knows the ins and outs of whatever system you’re going to use is critical in translating the process design into functional and detailed system design. This person will also coordinate the rest of the IT team and any consultants.
  3. Facilities engineer. This is who manages the site construction and upfit. He or she will make sure the construction plan meets the needs of the business. This person will often order the warehouse equipment and oversee the GC.
  4. Business Analyst. This is who facilitates and completes design documentation for the facility operations processes. BAs are often overlooked until the team realizes there’s a gap in requirements and process documentation.
  5. Project manager: Someone to plan work, monitor status, and coordinate the teams.

There are many other supporting roles like Recruiting, Safety, Quality, Logistics, and others. It’s also important to have a solid project management committee to ensure the project has the right sponsorship and representation in the company. But the project needs the five roles to get through design, get the rest of the team on board, and get the systems and facility put together.

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